January 21, 2022

TREX Recycling Program

The Trex Company has hosted the Recycling Challenge since 2006, with the objective of educating the public on the importance of plastic film recycling through school and community recycling programs.

Participants collect plastic film with the goal of recycling a minimum of 500 pounds of plastic in a 6 month period. If the goal is met the group is awarded a Trex bench. Each participating organization is only eligible for one bench in a six-month period regardless of how many pounds are recycled past the 500 pounds.

The collected bags are delivered to a participating grocery store to be recycled through a reverse logistics channel. All of the participating stores do indeed sell their plastic film to Trex via their grocery chains distribution centers.

West Pottsgrove Township’s participating store is Giant Grocery Store. All residents who will be participating are encouraged to do one of two things. Either, weigh the amount yourself, turn it into the collection location (Giant) and report the weight via email to the Township at [email protected]

Please take note if you are dropping off at Giant, they will only accept materials if they are in a see-through bag, if it is in a black garbage bag it will be considered trash and discarded as such.

The drop-off points at Giant are directly inside the exit area, two large plastic boxes are in that location. Small amounts go inside the boxes, larger donations can be placed at the foot of the boxes.

Or, the resident may drop off the plastic at the Township building lobby. The Township will then weigh and take to the collection location.

Please refer to the attached PDF to see what materials are acceptable for this recycling program.

NexTrex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge PDF

We appreciate everyone’s efforts towards this program, helping to obtain a new bench for one of our beautiful parks!